Menorca through its lighthouses


Exploring Menorca by visiting its lighthouses can be a fascinating experience.

Renting a car or motorbike in Menorca gives you the freedom to explore the island at your own pace, visiting remote places and enjoying stunning landscapes. And some of the most beautiful landscapes feature a lighthouse. Touring the island taking these lighthouses into account is not a bad idea. Here are some tips:


punta nati Lighthouse

North of Ciutadella

With your rental car or scooter it is time to explore the northern part of Ciutadella. We are going to go to virgin beaches so we load the backpack with lunch and water.

1. La Vall: algaiarens & es bot

These beaches are accessed from the northern ring road of Ciutadella, towards Cala Morell. La Vall is made up of two beaches, a larger cove called Algaiarens, and separated by a cliff and accessible on foot is the smaller Es Bot. It can be accessed through the rocks or through the interior.

2. Cala Morell

Once you visit these beaches, at the exit of the way you turn right and in a few minutes you arrive at Cala Morell. A quiet urbanization, with white houses in a rocky landscape. There is a necropolis that you can visit at your leisure.

It has a small cove but perfect for snorkeling.

3. ciutadella Port

Taking advantage of the fact that we are driving along the northern road of Ciutadella, I look for the signs ”PORT ANTIC” to park our vehicle and go down the stairs or the slope that takes you to the port of Ciutadella. You are very close to the city center where there are typical Menorcan footwear shops, artisan ice cream parlors,…

  • This lighthouse was built in 1912

4. Sunset in Punta nati

Before the day ends, and with time to find available parking, we access the Punta Nati lighthouse through the North Ring Road. It is known for its cliffs and rocky landscapes, offers stunning sea views and is one of the most prominent places to enjoy a sunset.

favàritx Lighthouse

The wildest landscape

This route may vary depending on the time of year you visit the island. In low season, the road to the Favàritx lighthouse is open to vehicles. As of June 1, they close access and you can only go by bus. In high season we recommend parking in the center of Mahón and taking the bus to visit the lighthouse and the beaches closest to it. Once again we visited a virgin area, so we recommend that you carry water and food in your backpack.

1. Lighthouse of faváritx

As you get closer to the destination you will notice as if you are moving away from the green Menorca that you have seen until now. It is a lunar landscape, made of gray slate stone that, together with the little vegetation there is, makes this landscape the wildest and most virgin on the island. Surely your device’s gallery will be loaded with images with this lighthouse and its view of the horizon.

2. Cala Presili - Cala Tortuga

From the Camí de cavalls, all indicated from the parking lot, you can access these beautiful virgin beaches. The first one you will find is Cala Presili, a 20-minute walk away. With crystal-clear waters and shallow depth, these coves that are part of the Albufera des Grau, are perfect to visit with children, even if you have to walk a little.

  • This lighthouse was built in 1859

3. Albufera des Grau

If we can access the lighthouse by car, on the way back we can stop at this nature reserve. It was declared a Natural Park in 1995. You can visit its lagoon, forests, wetlands where they are home to a great diversity of birds and flora. It has the ‘Platja des Grau’, with fine sand, ideal for paddle surfing, kayak excursions…

Lighthouse of Illa de l'aire

coastal road

In the south-eastern part of the island is the only coastal road. It runs through charming towns, small coves with transparent waters and ends or begins in Punta Prima, where from its beach you can see the Illa de l’aire Lighthouse, the island of ‘Sargantana Negra’, a few kilometers away.

1. lighthouse of de Illa de l'Aire

We can start with a visit to Punta Prima, an urbanization in the right corner of the island. It has restaurants in the area so you can have breakfast with views of the lighthouse.

2. Binibequer - Binidalí

Traveling along the coastal road, a mandatory stop in Binibequer. White town, emulates a small fishing village. A charming place to stroll through its narrow streets. Its white sand beach ideal for swimming and relaxing.

And if you are looking for a quiet area with a relaxed atmosphere, Binidalí with its cove is ideal to make a stop and take a ‘dip’.

  • This lighthouse was built in 1860

3. Calan Porter - Cova den Xoroi

The sun is going down and to finish the route in this south-east area it is perfect to make a stop in Calan Porter. It is an ideal destination to enjoy impressive views and thus a better sunset. This town is home to the Cova d’en Xoroi, a famous ”cave-bar” located on the cliffs, when night falls it becomes the most famous nightclub on the island.

Cavalleria Lighthouse

The north and the tramuntana

Getting up early and heading north to Menorca is a fantastic idea to enjoy this area. You can visit three coves, and each of them with a different landscape and different sand. Cavalleria with its reddish sand, Binimel·la with white sand as if it were a southern cove, and a little further away, and with a rocky landscape is the golden sand of Pregonda. Cavalleria and Binimel·la with parking to access the coves and Pregonda, about 40′ walk along the ‘Camí de Cavalls’.

1. Fornells

Maybe you would like to enjoy a walk, or some water sports or a boat ride. Fornells is a town that houses a large natural bay where water sports such as windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, etc. are practiced. It is also a place where there is a large concentration of restaurants and for that reason a wide offer to taste the typical stew. lobster or rice.

2. Binimel·la - Pregonda

From the Tramontana road you can access this northern beach, Binimel·la. A white sand beach, crystal clear waters. From this cove, you can access Cala Pregonda via the Camí de Cavalls, one of the most famous on the island, for its golden sand and its rock formations and cliffs. The path from Binimel·la is about 40′, so we recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

  • This lighthouse was built in 1857

3. Lighthouse of cavalleria

It has access by car, it is the same parking lot as the beach that also has the same name. From the lighthouse and its cliffs you can enjoy one of the best sunsets on the island. Perhaps before sunset you would like a ‘last’ swim of the day in its cove, viewed from the stairs that go down to it you can see that its shore draws the profile of a heart.

lighthouse of cap d'Artrutx

South Zone of Ciutadella

In low season, before June 1, you can visit the southern coves Macarella and Macarelleta with your rental car or motorcycle. As of June 1, they close access by vehicle and to access these coves you can only get by bus or on foot along the ‘Camí de Cavalls’, it is not a bad idea to park your car or motorcycle in Cala Galdana and take the Camí de there. Cavalls, and Cala Galdana is beautiful to visit with children or as a couple. A cove with beach bars and that makes it particular for its pine trees and the shade they provide when you are tired of the sun.

1. way 'Camino de sant joan de misa'

This way takes you to the virgin coves par excellence, Macarelleta, Calan Turqueta, Son Saura… As we said in the previous paragraph, Macarella and Macarelleta are only accessible by bus from June 1, or on foot.

Calan Turqueta and Son Saura have access by car, but with small parking lots which means they are full early on. You have information about the status of the parking lot before entering the road. If your parking is full in the morning, you can visit the Cap d’artrutx lighthouse and the nearby coves in the same urbanization and visit these virgin coves in the afternoon, and bring a ‘picnic’ to enjoy the sunset from here .

  • This lighthouse was built in 1859

2. Lighthouse of Cap d'Artrutx

The visit to this lighthouse at sunset is very Instagrammable, its visit is increasingly famous for its large area to sit on the rocks and enjoy the last minutes of the sunny day on the island. Afterwards, this area is characterized by its lake, a walk through its shops and restaurants.


As we started this post, we want to help with these tips. As long as you use one of all the ones we offer, we will be happy. As you can see, renting a car or a motorcycle in Menorca and having that freedom to discover these places is worth it.

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