Acg Covid-19 Mesures

A new “normality” is coming and with it times to take more care of ourselves and our clients. At Acg Menorca we start by cleaning our cars:

The vehicle will be cleaned and disinfected after each service

  • A system of vehicle rotation will be established to increase the time between use of the vehicle, so that once the vehicle is delivered by the customer, it is the last to be used again.
  • Disposable hygiene caps will be available from the motorbike rental service.
  • Cleaning and disinfection will be done after each client.
  • The vehicle key will be handed over to the clients clean and disinfected. On return the client will deposit the key where the Acg Staff will indicate it, and this Staff will disinfect it correctly.
  • We work for the digitalization of the vehicle’s documentation and its visibility in the vehicle through qr codes. In this way we take advantage of the opportunity to ask our clients not to manipulate/use reflective waistcoats and ‘friendly’ papers previously disinfected if it is not strictly necessary (in case of accident or vehicle breakdown)

Furthermore, our company, Acg Menorca, takes another step towards the cleaning and disinfection of each vehicle with the use of ozone machines.

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